We Experienced A Home Invasion

The sound of a distressed yelp from our dog, Gabby, woke us last night at 3 a.m. A raccoon had climbed the outside stairs, getting through the gate on our upper deck, and entering our home through the double dog door. It stealthily made its way along the wall behind the couch, knocking over the surround sound speaker, and reaching its final destination, the kitchen garbage can.

There it removed the kind of booty only raccoons dream about, a leftover stale bag of touch of honey whole wheat bread from Whole Foods. It carried the bag back to the living room, retreating behind the safety and comfort of the lazy boy. It greedily devoured the last 4 slices of bread leaving behind only an empty plastic bag and a pile of crumbs on the living room carpet.

Our aging, snoring dog finally woke up, heard the intruder, and chased it out before it could head back to the kitchen for seconds. Our aging cat made a hasty retreat down the hall to a bedroom, knowing that she was no match for this burly beast. So take heed, check your fortress for points of weakness, and beware of marauding raccoons!

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