Unusual Las Vegas Fun

I attended a company conference in Las Vegas, and despite the environment of gambling and smoking, I did enjoy the incredibly luxurious accommodations at the Mirage Hotel and the delicious food they served. I learned so much and actually had fun doing it!  After three intense days of learning, we were rewarded by an evening banquet of lobster, steak and chocolate cake with dancing afterward, and I do love to dance!

There’s nothing like the feeling of being surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs who have positive energy and an independent spirit.  The speakers provided an impactful, solution oriented education on financial information, personal development and improving your health.  I feel very fortunate indeed to have found this family of like-minded individuals who share my vision of taking control of my life and my income.

Here is a list of the speakers and what I learned from them:

Wayne Root, 2008 Libertarian VP Nominee, thank you for your inspiring and energetic presentation on how to be relentless in pursuit of my goals and what it will require of me to get there.  I’ve greatly enjoyed reading your latest book.

G. Edward Griffin, thank you for your unusual and scientifically compelling presentation on cancer.  I’ve heard you speak before about your book on the Federal Reserve, The Creature From Jekyll Island, so was surprised to learn how much you know about cancer.  You are the infinite researcher.

Karl Bessey, Andy and Jeannie LongKip Herriage, CEO and Co-Founder of Wealth Masters International, you have taken me outside the box of traditional financial education and for that I will always be grateful.  Thank you for sharing the honest truth with us.

Mitzi Dulan, Nutrition Expert, I still have the 3 step action card you had us fill out on ways we can immediately improve our health and performance.  All good changes take place with small steps, this is a brilliant idea.

B. D. Erickson, thanks for sharing the triad of focus, physiology, and self-talk and how they work together to help me succeed.  Your studying with Tony Robbins shows!

John Jackson, aka JJ, VP of Leadership Development, you are a true leader and personal therapist for all of us in the WMI community.  I feel blessed to have met you and am glad you left your management job at Home Depot to be with us.

Karl Bessey, President and Co-Founder of Wealth Masters International, you are the realest person I know in a top level position.  Your personal story is truly inspiring and heartbreaking and I thank you for showing your emotion on stage.

Rich Checkan, VP of Asset Strategies International, thank you for your education on precious metals and providing a company with a long track record of integrity that I can trust.

Andy Andrews, author of The Traveler’s Gift, you say you are a “noticer” not an “inspirational” speaker, although I think you combine both beautifully.  You present ideas in a way I’ve never heard before, I have no doubt you are a genius.

Shaun Cohen, President of Equity Build Finance, thank you for your extensive knowledge of the real estate industry and informing us of ways to safely invest in today’s economy.

Andy Long's web site on the screen

Thanks everyone for a great conference!  Even my husband, Andy, achieved some notoriety by having his web site shown on the big screens in the picture.  Our mentor and internet marketing genius, Ryan Nelson, is on the stage demonstrating his handiwork.

Jeannie Long
Personal Business Coach

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