Secrets Revealed Behind These Doors

Behind these doors lie the secrets of internet marketing

When I see an opportunity to meet up with someone who has the knowledge I need, I jump on it.  While I was at a business conference, it was announced that Ryan Nelson would be holding a special seminar in Houston the following month to help us kick off our marketing efforts.  Ryan has a history of improving the profitability of some top companies due to his internet marketing expertise so I knew he was a credible source of valuable information.

My husband had attended a previous session and emerged with a personal website that does an admirable job of showing who he is and how he can help people build their own online business.  There was also a lot of behind the scenes work that Ryan did due to his internet marketing expertise which helped the site rank for certain keywords.  I said to myself, “I need to get me one of these!”  So I signed up and paid the fee and made the arrangements to get myself to Houston.

Beyond My Expectations

What I didn’t realize was that not only would I be getting my own personal website out of the deal, but I would learn so much about how the internet works.  Ryan is a natural teacher, explaining complicated concepts in a way that I can understand.  He has a t-shirt that says “when I’m talking you should be taking notes.”  And it’s absolutely true.  I have 30 pages of typed notes from that weekend and they are all gold.  I mean, if I can come home and set up Google Analytics on my web site all by myself, those are good notes!

When I saw myself on the first page of Google for my name (and I have to compete with the famous movie, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, because the book author has the same name as mine), then I know that what I learned from Ryan works.  I can’t wait to keep learning and implementing what this man knows.

Internet Mumbo Jumbo

Now I understand terms like bounce rates, split testing, and conversions and what they mean for my business.  Weeks later, I’m still finding little gold nuggets from my notes like, you know why people have those super long sales pages?  Well, for every minute that a person stays on your page, the likelihood that they will take action and buy increases by 10%.  If it has anything to do with internet marketing, Ryan has tested it and knows what works.

Thanks Ryan for your integrity, your patience in teaching us, and your caring desire to see us succeed.

Jeannie Long
Personal Business Coach

Exhausted but happy final dinner

The gold plated man himself and his wife Jessica

Surprise dinner guests, CEO of WMI and his wife

Sunrise flight home

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