Does Your Personality Match Your Career?

I recently took a personality test to determine whether I was suited to the career path I have chosen.  It seems rather silly to me that this wasn’t required during my college days when it would have made the most sense.  However, it is common forExtrovert personality people to make career changes more than once during their lives so having this knowledge is always useful.

This test was recommended to me by someone who has been very successful in business so I knew it would be worth my time to take.  It is rather extensive with 60 questions, but doesn’t cost anything, and I found it to be rather shocking and uncomfortable at times.  It’s important to answer all the questions honestly even if you don’t like what you learn about yourself.

A Total Mismatch

Being independent and having the ability to work for myself is very important to me.  That led me to a network marketing business because the startup cost is minimal, I could manage my own time, and the income potential was unlimited.

However, because the test revealed to me that I am a thinking introvert and best suited for meticulous, analytical careers, it’s no wonder that I had a hard time.  Calling everyone I knew and holding meetings to find people to join me in my business didn’t match my personality type at all.

Introvert personalityChange Of Course

I decided to learn internet marketing so that with the right methods of attraction and filtering, I could have people coming to me.  Of course, it took a lot of work to get the knowledge I needed, but with my analytical mind, the internet was the perfect match for me.  I love learning about the subtle nuances of structuring sales funnels, the timing of follow-up, and the formula for copywriting.

What Are You?

If you’re not happy with the job you currently have, take this personality test.  It may open your eyes to the direction you need to go.  And your new path may not be far off from the one you are already on.  It may just be a side trail you need to get on that will take you to your destination.  By the way, my personality type is an ISTJ.

Here’s the link to take the test.  Have fun with it!

Jeannie Long
Internet Business Coach

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