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Desire For Independence

Hi, I am Jeannie Long and I help people discover the truth about home business. After spending many years in various home businesses, I have learned what works and what doesn’t. My passion now is to give people the knowledge they need so that they can confidently choose the right home business and increase their chances of success.

I grew up in a small mountain town in Montana and after graduating from college with a degree in Office Administration, I headed to Boston to try out city life. After four different jobs in a secretarial capacity, I realized that some bosses were good and some were bad, but they were all bossesfamilyantigua who owned me and my time. I even turned down a well paying job offer at a prestigious law firm because I just couldn’t picture myself working so closely one on one for a boss. My entrepreneurial spirit wanted me to work for myself!

I met my adventurous hang gliding husband, Andy, recognizing and falling in love with that spark of independence and unusual thinking which so resonated in me. Although he was raised in the Boston area, we both missed the wide open spaces of the west as he had also gone to college in Montana. So we got married and headed to Santa Rosa, California, where the mountains, open valleys and wonderful weather year round have kept us here for 27 years. We are blessed to have a daughter who is a great source of joy and entertainment for us with her talents of horsemanship, singing and modeling.

My First Home Business

Shortly after I moved to California, I started a freelance secretarial services business and did a lot of transcribing and typing of legal documents. It was tedious work and didn’t pay much. I ended up on the board of directors of the local Chamber of Commerce with a lot of extra time consuming duties as I tried to build my business.

Leveraged Business Model

After I had a baby, I was introduced to my first network marketing opportunity. It seemed to be the answer to my problems. I could work at home, build my own business, help others to do the same, and I get not only recurring income but the potential to earn as much as I want. With a business model that rewards me for helping others succeed, I was able to multiply the efficiency of the effort I put in.

But I soon found that the hard part was implementing it. I called all my friends and family as was recommended and soon found out that most of them weren’t interested in my products or my business opportunity. Now my problem was that although I had a highly leveraged business model, I didn’t have the same leverage for finding people to join me in my business.

Trading Time For Money

I was still determined to work at home in my own business so I decided to start building websites for small businesses. This involved the difficult task of cold calling many businesses and obtaining contracts. The pay was better but I was now dealing with deadlines and the juggling of projects. And I had no leverage in this business. I was trading my time for money.

During this time, my husband took a course on how to get phrases people were searching for on the internet to rank. He used one of our clients as his case study because she had a struggling storefront candy store, and we hoped to help her start getting online orders through her website. And it worked! This set off a spark in my head that I could use this skill to sell the products of my previous business through the internet.

450customersInternet Success

I decided to create my own website selling the products of the company I wanted to represent. By optimizing for specific keywords and applying some other internet marketing strategies, I was able to generate a customer base of 500 people. Unfortunately, as the internet evolved, this company began to place restrictions on marketing which eventually put me out of business.

And I also discovered another important lesson. If you sell products with small commissions, you have to spend a lot of time taking care of these buyers with very little monetary reward.

Complete Independence

At this point I knew that I absolutely wanted to have an online home business because of the leverage it provided. I also knew that I had to create something over which I had complete control because of how I had lost my previous business over changing company policies.

Passionate about internet marketing, I invested in a number of courses. I learned the importance of creating your own online presence and brand, choosing the most efficient type of products to sell, and the details of an effective sales funnel and follow-up. I learned how to analyze the math of my business to guarantee that I would make a profit. Most importantly, I developed a knowledgeable team of mentors.

I chose a business that gives me complete independence, allowing me to access the leverage of the internet and fully apply what I have learned.


Stretching My Personal Limits

It’s important to stretch your limits every once in awhile to grow. Starting at age 40 I overcame my fear and took hip hop lessons for 7 years, even performing multiple times in front of an audience of 500 people. What a rush! I have learned to paraglide and windsurf. I’ve tried the flying trapeze and walked on hot coals with Tony Robbins.

I love dancing in Jazzercise at the front of the class, hooting out loud with joy and inspiring the other ladies. I also like getting out into nature and hiking, rejuvenating my soul at our beautiful and rugged Pacific coast.

Truth About Home Business

I am committed to telling you the truth about what makes home businesses successful, with no ulterior motive of selling you a business opportunity. I help people get the knowledge they need to make confident decisions based upon fact, not hype. My goal is to help you avoid the mistakes and pain I experienced, and to increase your chances that the home business you choose will be profitable.

Jeannie Long
Jeannie Long
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