It’s Not The Same Without Her

My little dog, Gabby, has been very ill during the last week, and because she is 14 years old, I realize my time with her is limited.  It made me think of how much I used to enjoy our weekly walks to various Sonoma County parks together.  She is as much of a nature lover as I am!

Here is a new park we explored called Laguna Park which winds through grassland, marshes and vineyards.  It was a beautiful spring day with soft breezes blowing, the brilliant flash of a bluebird wing, and the squeaky call of red-winged blackbirds.  The clouds changed shape and hinted of rain but spared us.

Gabby loves a good view and here she is surveying the terrain from the high spot we picked for lunch.  She even got an energy fortifying biscuit for herself.  We were fully exploring this park for the first time and covered every trail on it.  It also goes past a pond and a creek and my legs felt like about 4 miles at the end which is a really good hike for Gabby.  She slept really well that night as did I, my mind drifting with nature’s images as I fell asleep.

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