It’s Never Too Late

Even though it’s almost the end of summer, Andy and Chris managed to get Priscilla’s small motorboat to her dock so Andy could get her out on the water. Here’s a video of his adventure on how he got the boat to its proper home.

Andy took Priscilla and me out for a lovely little putt putt around Little Harbor before dinner. She was very excited to get out on the water but the roiling water at Cunningham’s Bridge made her change her mind about going through to the ocean.

Andy made sure to take us to every nook and cranny of the harbor, including his secret spot through a channel in the marshes. That was my favorite photo with the clouds reflected in the water. Because we had to wait for the tide to come in, it was early evening which made for nice low dramatic lighting.

We came home to a lovely meal of chicken, gravy, sautéed spinach and mushrooms made by Cathy, one of Priscilla’s numerous helpers. What a treat! You know how I just love to cook!

It also happened to be our 26th wedding anniversary and the boat ride was a nice way to end the day after having to do unexpected errands in the afternoon for a memorial we will be attending on Monday. A family reunion is scheduled for this weekend and it will be great to see everyone! Life is a strange mix of different events and emotions but my overriding attention is always on gratitude.

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